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Comprilan Short Stretch Bandage

Comprilan Short Stretch Bandage

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Short Stretch for Lymphedema Management

Lymphedema and other similar conditions cause swelling in different areas of the body; Comprilan short stretch bandages are specifically designed to help reduce this swelling. Only short stretch bandages like these should be used for Lymphedema management. They can prevent more fluid from accumulating under the skin because they apply enough pressure while resting and exercising to be effective, without cutting off circulation.

Unlike Long Stretch Bandages

Comprilan bandages look similar to long stretch bandages found in most stores, but they are different in their composition and use. Short stretch bandages are 100% cotton and made without elastic yarns, because they are intended to have much less stretch. They are made with an interlocking weave that provides tension and stability, so the wraps do not slip when layering.

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