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ASO Ankle Stabilizer


ASO Ankle Stabilizer


The ASO Ankle Brace is the preferred choice of medical professionals for preventing and treating chronic ankle sprains in athletes. It's the preferred product of over 250 professional and college teams because of its quality, performance, and durability as a lace up ankle brace. The ASO ankle brace feature a thin lace-up nylon boot with patented nylon "figure 8" straps that support the ankle in a neutral position to prevent an inversion or eversion ankle sprain injury. The stabilizer straps can easily be re-tightened while still inside the athletic shoe. Athletes appreciate the product's elastic cuff closure which secures the laces and provides additional compression as well. The product is increasingly used by coaches and athletes for its cost savings attributes compared to athletic taping. The ASO ankle brace mimics a quality ankle tape job and can be purchased with medial and lateral stays to enhance the overall support of the product. The removable plastic stays slide into pockets on the outside of the model with stays, and provide added medial/lateral protection against a repeat ankle sprain. The ASO ankle brace has remained the most popular sports ankle brace among college athletic teams and is the best model for use with basketball, football, and soccer. The product is available in a standard model or with stays for providing added support. It's proudly made in the United States and fits both the right and/or left ankle.

ASO Ankle Brace Features:

  • Supports the ankle with "figure 8" straps that are made from ballistic nylon to truly stabilize the ankle joint while performing running or cutting in sport activities. These "figure 8" straps replicate ankle taping to ensure against "rolling over" during sports. The rest of the brace is composed of ballistic nylon for superior strength.
  • Low profile design will fit inside any type of athletic or walking shoe. It should be worn over an athletic sock for comfort.
  • An elastic cuff closure wraps around high above the ankle joint to decrease the amount of inversion possible.
  • The ASO ankle brace can be purchased with removable medial and lateral plastic stays for increased ankle support. Not available in 2XS and 3XL.
  • Lace up closure provides a more customized fit, and can be re-tightened easily while inside an athletic shoe.
  • Keeps your foot in a neutral position when worn on either side.
  • Each ankle support is sold separately
  • Machine washable. Air dry.
  • The regular model is the most commonly ordered version, and can be ordered with removable medial/lateral stays.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Made in the USA under the highest quality control standards.

Determine your size by measuring your ankle according to the Ankle Circumference chart or the Standard Shoe Size chart below. We recommend comparing the ankle circumference measurement against the standard shoe size value to be sure the correct product size is ordered.

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