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Elbow Brace

Serola Biomechanics

Elbow Brace


Common Problem

Elbow pain arises when contracted muscles tear the periosteum and/or tendons at their attachments to the epicondyle, which is a bony knob at the elbow. Then, the forearm muscles become tight and pull on their attachment to the medial or lateral epicondyle, medial meaning the front of the forearm and lateral meaning the back of the forearm. These injuries and pain commonly occur during overuse through activities such as tennis, golf, bowling, arthritis, stress and strains, and some types of carpel tunnel syndrome. Continued activity causes additional pull and continues the pain cycle.

How the Serola Gel Arc Elbow Brace Works

Dr. Serola researched the causes of chronic elbow pain and the symptoms of overuse. Recognizing the
inadequate support of existing elbow braces, he designed the patented one-size-fits-all Serola Gel Arc Elbow Brace. Serola’s unique design enables maximum relief and flexibility by placing a compressive barrier between the muscles and the epicondyle, effectively shifting the pull to the barrier. Taking the stress off the epicondyle helps relieve pain, prevents further injury, and allows for more efficient healing. Additionally, our patented Gel Arc has been shown to reduce muscle tension, shock and vibration more effectively by providing either direct or diffused pressure depending on preference. Achieving the status of the most comfortable and the most effective elbow brace on the market, Serola’s Gel Arc Elbow Brace remains unique in both quality and design.

Provides Relief for:

• Medial Epicondylitis • Lateral Epicondylitis • Golfer’s Elbow
• Tennis Elbow • Bowler’s Elbow • Forearm Pain
• Arthritic strains or stress


The Serola Difference

     • The Serola Gel Arc Elbow Brace is superior in elbow support, designed to stop pain more effectively
     • Dual-Sided Gel Arc provides concentrated or diffused pressure for maximum relief
     • Acts as a secondary attachment point to significantly reduce pull at epicondyle and allows for better muscle function
     • Placement and location allow the Gel Arc to affect more muscles and tendons as they converge near the epicondyle
     • The Gel Arc is a superior barrier, absorbing both shock and vibration better than any other brace on the market
     • A hypoallergenic foam pad has been placed under the buckle to enhance comfort and reduce irritation
     • Uniquely interchangeable design that can be used for the lateral or medial epicondyle on either arm
     • Patented One-Size-Fits-All System means no-hassle determining which size to get

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