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In the event of an acute injury, persistent overload, chronic wear and tear or after an operation, the wrist needs rest and reliable external stabilization. It is important to restore joint mobility as quickly as possible. This is where the ManuTrain hand brace comes in: its two-piece strap system allows you to adjust the stabilization to suit your symptoms without restricting your movements. The belt system is wrapped around the palm and wrist from the forearm and fastened in order to achieve immediately noticeable relief. The degree of stabilization can be reduced in line with the therapy and depending on the presence of pain.

  • Promotes regeneration through alternating pressure massage of the Train fabric
  • The degree of stabilization can be individually adjusted using the two-part belt system
  • Freely movable fingers and seamless zone in the thumb area for comfortable carrying


The compressive bandage has a pain-relieving effect due to the medical compression of the tissue and offers a massage effect that promotes blood circulation and regeneration. The elastic Train knit also stimulates your joint-stabilizing muscles in combination with the pad positioned on the ulna. The functional pad has a recess for the bony prominence - this protects against pressure peaks and also serves as a positioning aid for the wrist bandage. The skin-friendly materials, reduced-compression edges and the anatomically shaped thumb opening of the ManuTrain increase comfort during your everyday activities or therapeutic exercises.


The high stretchability of the breathable and skin-friendly knitted fabric and the enclosed donning aid make it easier for you to put on and take off the ManuTrain.


  • Chronic post-traumatic or postoperative irritation
  • Distortions (wrist injuries, e.g. sprains)
  • Osteoarthritis (joint wear)
  • Instability, e.g. with a springy ulna
  • Tendovaginitis (tendonitis)
  • Prevention / recurrence prevention
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